Total Eren, a company founded in 2012 by Pâris Mouratoglou and David Corchia, is a subsidiary of EREN Groupe, the  first player dedicated to natural resource efficiency. Through its various activities and subsidiaries, the Group provides its clients and partners with solutions that enable them to streamline their consumption of natural resources in a profitable manner. EREN develops and promotes innovative, reliable and competitive technologies in the fields of water, energy and monitoring of infrastructure.

EREN Industries

EREN Groupe chooses the most appropriate innovative technology available to suit its projects and the issues faced by its clients. EREN Groupe’s strategy is centred on breakthrough technologies that help to streamline and optimise the management of natural resources. The Group includes the following companies:

Osmos specialises in instrumenting, monitoring, and optimising infrastructure maintenance, helping facilities to extend their lifetime and save building materials.

Orège offers innovative solutions to water treatment plants for processing municipal and industrial sludge.

TMW works in the field of pre-treatment of industrial wastewater.

Fafco and Cryogel offer innovative thermal storage solutions that improve management of energy use.

Voltalis allows individuals and companies to reduce their electricity consumption while contributing to the security of the power grid through load shedding.


EREN Groupe is also active in the fields of high-level sport, leisure and culture through the following entities:
Mouratoglou Tennis Academy, housed within a complex including the Sophia Country Club and the Beachcomber French Riviera & Spa
FeelSport, more than 40 gyms in France and abroad. In 2018, Feel Sport was integrated into the DG Finance Group (under the Keep Cool banner), in which EREN Groupe now holds a significant stake.
Medici TV, a world leader in classical music on the internet