The Total Eren development teams have in-depth knowledge of every step of the renewable energy project development process. They can assess the quality of a site, study grid strengths and requirements, choose the most appropriate and most competitive equipment and suppliers, and negotiate optimum conditions to sell the electricity that is generated and to finance the project. Complete control over the development cycle means that Total Eren is capable of accurately assessing the risks involved at every step of the project, maximising the success rate of projects and optimising operating conditions for all project stakeholders. Thanks to this multidisciplinary expertise, Total Eren initiates and implements the most competitive and appropriate solutions for each client and each configuration, paying special attention to the local environment and communities.


Project Finance Director

« I am part of the Total Eren’s Project Finance team whose main missions are to ensure the bankability of our projects, optimise business plans and financing structures, deliver non-recourse financing and coordinate the relationships with the Lenders throughout the construction and operation of the power plants. To achieve this, we work closely with all departments within the Group including the business development, M&A, technical, legal and Tax & Accounting teams as well as affiliates. Given the Group’s international strategy I very much enjoy the diversity of projects, countries, and stakeholders it entails. For instance a typical day could involve things as various as optimising a business case for an auction with an aggregator in Central America, forming a bank group for a greenfield project in South America, discussing about the structuring of a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with a mining company in Africa or negotiating financing documentation with Lenders for the refinancing of some of the Group’s portfolio assets in Europe. »

Senior Business Developer Africa

« A developer’s work is similar to that of an orchestra conductor – from assessing sites to beginning construction, the project developer brings a wide range of stakeholders and activities together to work in perfect harmony! My role requires smooth cooperation with the authorities and involves creating partnerships with local developers and identifying the best sources of financing. Years of experience give you a honed and critical sense of the level of quality of a project. The two essential assets for a developer are openness and versatility. You need openness, because you have to constantly be able to immerse yourself in new environments and adapt to all types of contacts, from farmers in the Sahel to the Minister for Energy. It’s also a role that requires a lot of versatility, especially in Africa – a continent of innovation in the field of renewable energy and a place where new economic models are constantly emerging ! »

Emmanuel TERROIR
Senior Business Developer Central Asia

« I am a Developer within the Asia team, and I’m responsible more specifically for countries of the CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States) and the Caucasus. My work involves identifying projects that meet Total Eren’s criteria and bringing them to the construction stage and then staying involved to make sure all milestones are reached as smoothly as possible. This means negotiating a range of contracts and carefully structuring investment in the project. At the end of 2017, I had the opportunity to coordinate Total Eren’s entry into the Kazakhstani market through our Nomad and M-KAT solar projects. This meant that I needed to understand the Kazakhstani market, its regulations and its stakeholders, and also to create our local entity. Today, I visit the country once a month to meet with the public authorities and the team that I recruited. The things I find most exciting about my work are its novel and diverse nature. I really feel like a pioneer who’s exploring and opening up new areas. And every project is unique! Working in so many countries means you need to be adaptable, open, and always willing to learn. »


Victoire POTEL
Corporate Development Director

« I am part of the M&A and Corporate Development team of Total Eren, where our work can be summed up in four aspects: the management of M&A activity related to project platforms or companies in order to contribute to the company’s growth, the monitoring of M&A activity and general trends in the renewable energy sector, the follow-up of our relationship with our investors and shareholders, and support to corporate financing activity and long term planning. Previously Project Finance Director at Total Eren, I had the opportunity to grow internally to join this team and position which is very complementary to the one I occupied before, with a more transversal touch and a broader view of the company. In this role, I particularly appreciate the multitasking, data analysis, project management and the fact that it is never dull thanks to the variety of our activity ! »


Head of Procurement & Construction

« Within the technical team, I manage Total Eren’s Procurement and Construction department for solar photovoltaic (PV) and wind power plants. My day-to-day work consists in managing the teams in order to bring the highest level of support to our development teams – through definition of technical scenarios and cost benchmarking across projects – supervising the implementation of our qualification and procurement process for potential subcontractors and negotiating procurement and construction contracts for Total Eren’s power plants. I also oversee the implementation of standard tools and processes in order to ensure adequate monitoring and control of the construction process with respect to quality, budget and compliance with deadlines. In 2019, amongst others, I coordinated a detailed engineering study to assess and mitigate the risks related to dynamic instability of trackers used in our plants and initiated a joint procurement strategy for modules with other entities of the Total group. From Chile to Kazakhstan, India and Australia, working with project teams in multiple international environments requires the ability to constantly adapt to new set-ups – and it’s also important that you don’t mind travelling and jetlag! Total Eren’s growth has also provided me the opportunity to increase the scope of my activities and be at the forefront of the internal structuring of our organization. »

Head of Engineering

  « I am head of the Engineering Department (solar & wind) within Total Eren’s technical team. My work, together with the rest of the engineering team, involves a lot of site visits because it's essential to visualise a site when designing a project for a given location. I constantly strive to understand local constraints and how the site is to be used, and I also strive to put myself in the shoes of future local residents who will live with the plant for the next 20 to 30 years! We always have to assess multiple aspects when we analyse a site: we study the meteorology at the continental level, the power grid at the national or regional level, and the resource itself and the limitations (technical, environmental, land use) at the local level. Maintaining close dialogue with our suppliers and service providers is essential to be sure that we’re using the most recent and most appropriate technology for our sites (wind turbines, solar modules, inverters and trackers). I particularly enjoy the fact that I work in a forward-looking sector that is booming and that has already developed clean, robust, proven and competitive technology that we are working to optimise and improve on a daily basis. »


Senior Asset Manager

« As an Asset Manager, I am responsible for monitoring performance, optimising power generation, and, more generally, technically and contractually supervising Total Eren’s solar and wind farms operation. On a daily basis, I identify and analyse the causes of any drops in production and set up preventative and corrective measures to improve future production. In particular, I work on the configuration of the equipment at our wind farms in Greece and on issues linked to the performance and cleaning of solar panels in Israel. With other team members, we interact constantly with a range of stakeholders, be it within the company or outside – developers, project managers, people responsible for operation and maintenance, insurance companies, and project finance managers without forgetting our numerous service providers and suppliers. In my job, I particularly appreciate the fact that I get to work with asset managers located all over the world, providing Total Eren its rich culture. »