Your needs

  • A competitive electricity supply that allows you to reduce your operating costs
  • Long-term coverage in response to volatile electricity grid prices or the potential implementation of carbon taxes
  • A fully developed and financed power plant that lets you focus on your core business
  • A renewable energy source that significantly reduces your carbon footprint
  • A practical way of promoting your company’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
  • An analysis of your needs considering the local context surrounding your assets as closely as possible

Why Total Eren?

  • An Independent Power Producer (IPP) that specialises in renewable energy (solar, wind), ensuring access to the most appropriate and most competitive source of renewable energy
  • A remarkable track record, with over 12 GW of projects developed, financed, built and commissioned internationally by the management team
  • Local teams who have an excellent understanding of the local electricity context (regulations and financing)
  • Unique experience, with the construction of Kiamal (256.5 MW) in Australia, a grid-connected PV solar plant that is dedicated to private clients, and which will be the largest PV solar plant in the state of Victoria once completed
  • Global coverage enabling a “one-stop-shop” partnership approach
  • A strategic partnership with TotalEnergies, a major player in the energy sector