A multidisciplinary company, Total Eren is involved in and active throughout the entire process of developing a renewable energy project. The decision to get involved in all project development and implementation stages is wholly in line with Total Eren’s strategy to invest in profitable, low-risk power plants and to maintain control of those assets over the long term.  This means that Total Eren is an Independent Power Producer (IPP) from renewable energy sources.

GRESS Wind Farm, Martinique, 14 MW
GRESS Wind Farm, Martinique, 14 MW


After two decades of solid growth, major sectors such as wind power and photovoltaic solar power have reached both technological and economic maturity. They have become widespread in western countries thanks to support policies and an overall reduction in their power production costs.

However, many countries still have insufficient power generation capacity, despite having significant high-quality resources both in terms of wind (wind speed) and solar (solar irradiation) power. Total Eren is primarily developing in countries where renewable energy constitutes a competitive response to growing energy needs. Coupled with high local energy prices, the level of quality of these resources means that electricity can be generated at particularly competitive and attractive costs.


Total Eren intends to create and respond to new opportunities to develop renewable energy worldwide, working in countries that are committed to building their power generation capacity from renewable energy, or on behalf of industrial consumers that use significant amounts of energy and are seeking to reduce the cost and environmental impact of their electricity supply, which often comes from existing thermal power plants.

To achieve this, Total Eren has developed an innovative contractual and economic model of hybrid energy solutions (combined with thermal power generation capacity) for mining companies in remote areas, and was one of the first players in the industry to invest in projects that incorporate various forms of storage technology.


This global and ambitious vision of the international renewable energy market is combined with a long-term strategy in which Total Eren strives to position itself upstream of greenfield projects and to remain a majority shareholder in its plants.

Total Eren is a long-term industrial player and aims to become a low-carbon energy leader on a global scale.


Total Eren positions itself in promising markets in partnership with leading local stakeholders, as developing power plants is a local activity by nature. Total Eren’s field teams rely on the support and leadership of men and women working at both the national and the regional levels. The founders of Total Eren have extensive experience in successful long-term partnerships, allowing local stakeholders to maximise the potential of their project portfolio and their impact on the local electricity sector.

When acquiring a majority stake in a company or signing co-control or co-development agreements, Total Eren pays close attention to ensuring that its long-term interests are aligned with those of its partners. The Group brings to its developer partners its credibility, its technical expertise, its historical relationships with leading industry players in the sector, and, of course, its ability to raise competitive long-term financing. In short, it offers them the means to prosper in a balanced partnership.


As part of its long-term project development, construction, financing and operation, Total Eren works to deploy an ambitious environmental policy that respects the local ecosystem. Upstream, each project is subject to an environmental and social impact study, and a risk management plan and mitigation of the associated impacts.

During the construction of the project, Total Eren endeavours to promote economic development through job creation, and creates partnerships with surrounding communities (e.g. local councils, schools, training institutions, hospitals and NGOs) to raise awareness of renewable energy and promote environmental protection. Once a project is complete, Total Eren continues to deliver on such commitments during operation of the project, by creating opportunities for local employment and continuously interacting with the stakeholders.