Greece 27.2 MW
Wind farm
Date of COD : Q4 2019
Off-taker : Hellenic Electricity Market Operator (HEMO)
Achladotopos is one of Total Eren’s wind farms located in Greece, in the east part of South Evia island, overlooking the Aegean Sea. With an installed capacity of 27.2 MW, it is composed of eight 3.4 MW Siemens-Gamesa SWT-108 wind turbines and entered into operation in December 2019. Its expected annual production is 98 GWh. Achladotopos is connected to the mainland electricity network via a new substation connected to the high voltage line “Polipotamos-Nea Makri” owned and operated by the Greek Independent Power Transmission Operator (ITPO). During the construction phase, EREN Hellas (Total Eren’s affiliate in Greece) paid particular attention to protecting existing honey producers and bee breeders who are numerous in the region. EREN Hellas has also undertaken to contribute to the reforestation of the area and to support the local Archaeological Authority to clean and create new paths at the local historical sites close to the Site. Additionally, together with two other wind farm producers, EREN Hellas supported financially the renovation of the church in Styra village and will support the construction of the local sports center. In February 2020, EREN Hellas was given an award by the community for its actions in favour of local development.


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