25 May Permanent Contract
PV Project Manager

Reporting to the PV & Wind Procurement and Construction Manager, the candidate would provide technical support on PV installation projects, ensuring contract negotiation and construction follow up.
More specifically, the following activities would be part of the attributions of the PV Projects Manager:

Support to development teams:

  • Following up on development activities to identify upcoming projects and defining timelines to start of construction
  • Managing tendering process for EPC selection for projects under development
  • Coordinating with supply and cost engineer to provide recommendation on relevant capex and technologies for projects under development

Definition of project management team:

  • Managing tendering process and selection of owner’s engineer and lender’s technical advisor
  • Identifying locally required profile (construction manager, permitting manager etc…)
  • Clarifying roles and responsibilities with other Total Eren teams for the project execution (development, project finance, engineering)

Negotiation and drafting of the EPC’s contract:

  • Full understanding, analysis and study of the project,
  • Drafting, reviewing and negotiating contracts and contracts’ evolutions starting from the commercial proposal. Ensuring consistency of the contract clauses.
  • Mapping of risks and risk allocation (PPA vs EPC, regulatory, commercial and financial risks…) and submitting hedging measures in line with the client, administration and law regulations,
  • Advising the project team in selecting and conducting administrative procedures and procurement relative to the project.

EPC contract management throughout construction:

  • Planning monitoring and enforcement of timing
  • Monitoring of proper implementation of quality control plan (with local assistance from Owner Engineering teams)
  • Monitoring of proper implementation of health and safety plan
  • Review and validation of contractual milestones and associated payments

Owner engineering management and coordination with EPC contractor:

  • Follow up on design review
  • Managing trade-offs between risks (timing, quality, cost) with assistance from internal Total Eren teams
  • Monitoring of quality issues raised by the Owner Engineering teams on site and proper resolution

Coordination with/of all parties involved in the project:

  • With development partners
  • With local managers (resolution and impact of local issues related to land, social and environmental matters, off-taker related issues, grid interface issues)
  • With project finance team (ensure bankability of the project), helping providing construction related answers to the contemplated lenders due diligence team

Internal reporting on all aspects of the project:

  • Project budget control and reporting
  • Payment validation and follow-up
  • Timing and quality of execution
  • Master’s Degree in engineering
  • 2-3 years-experience in contract management and construction management on PV projects
  • Autonomy, reliability, communication, and problem-solving skills
  • Team player capable of managing interactions in an international context
  • Fluent English and French
17 Mar Permanent Contract
Electrical Engineer

Under the responsibility of the engineering manager, you will participate to the design of PV and wind power plants (+ hybrid and storage), from the feasibility study to the construction and operation of the parks.

Your main missions will be:

  • The study of electrical networks on the various sites in the upstream phase of projects (prospecting)
  • Supervise engineering studies carried out internally or with partners or external design offices.
  • The technical and economic evaluation of the chosen solutions.
  • Identification of the technical risks linked to the connection (grid codes, clamping, additional costs, etc.)
  • Participation in the definition of the engineering and construction strategy and the networks’ modeling.
  • Participation in the negotiation and drafting of the contract with the EPC in charge of construction (on the electrical aspects) as well as with the network managers.
  • Analysis of supplier offers on the electrical part (LV, MV, HV)
  • The contribution of technical expertise during the construction and operation of the parks, in support to the Construction and Asset Management team and to the Total Eren subsidiaries.
  • Engineering degree in electrical or electrotechnical engineering with confirmed experience (minimum 5 years of experience) in renewable energies (wind / solar / hydraulic),
  • Autonomous, rigorous, solution-oriented, having good interpersonal skills and loving teamwork,
  • Fluent in English.
11 Mar Permanent Contract
Planning Manager

Reporting to the Head of Procurement and Construction, the candidate would provide support to the development teams and the construction team on wind and PV projects, assisting in defining schedules, key milestones and interdependencies with contracted works, as well as keeping schedules up to date over the course of the projects and identifying critical path items to be addressed.

More specifically, the Planning Manager’s duties would include:

Definition of overall project schedules – 60%:

  • Leading the definition of the project schedule on each project under development – in coordination with development and construction teams;
  • Identifying main tasks under each workstream through iterations with development, construction and project finance teams;
  • Understanding of dependencies between tasks;
  • Identification of key milestones and definition of main deadlines.

Deadline monitoring – 20%:

  • Proactively following up with the development, construction and project finance teams to update progress of main tasks;
  • Identifying slippage in main tasks and updating the construction teams on potential delays to the key milestones.

Construction planning monitoring – 20%:

  • Reviewing and challenging EPC contractors’ initial construction planning – including timing for execution of main tasks and planned resource allocation – in coordination with the construction team;
  • Integrating the EPC contractor’s construction planning into the overall project schedule, identifying cross-dependencies with other activities (permits, design approval etc…) and ensuring compliance with final timing constraints;
  • Updating the overall project schedule according to EPC contractors’ progress and providing regular updates to the construction team and project finance teams;
  • Tracking critical paths and updating the construction team on upcoming critical items and roadblocks – both on the EPC contractor’s side and on non-EPC related items;
  • Evaluating potential or actual impact on construction planning of project roadblocks and assisting construction teams in EPC contract negotiations related to delays.
  • Master’s Degree in engineering;
  • 1-3 years’ experience in planning management and/or construction management on renewable energy projects;
  • Full mastery of Microsoft Project;
  • Autonomy, reliability, communication, and problem-solving skills;
  • Team player capable of managing interactions in an international context;
  • Fluent English and French.

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