Our Approach


By developing, building and operating photovoltaic and wind power plants worldwide, Total Eren, subsidiary of EREN Group, shows the skills and agility of a project developer as well as the long-term vision of an independent producer of electricity from renewable energy sources.

Total Eren is primarily developing in countries where renewable energy constitutes an economically viable response to growing energy needs. In order to successfully implement this strategy, Total Eren joins forces with local developers whose expertise is well-recognized, and to market-leader constructors and equipment providers. By focusing on zones where energy needs are blatant and wind and solar resources are of high quality, Total Eren demonstrates its creativity and flexibility to adapt its solutions and optimize the cost of produced electricity.

Relying on strong partners and the expertise of its teams, Total Eren favors greenfield investment and seeks to keep control over its renewable electricity assets over the long-term.


The development of electrical power plants has a strong local component. The most efficient teams therefore generally benefit from the leadership of men and women operating at a national or regional level. EREN’s founders have built their success on long-term partnerships allowing in return local players to maximize the potential of their project portfolio.

Via majority holdings or co-management agreements, Total Eren pays close attention to ensuring that the long-term interests of its partners are aligned with its own objectives. Project developers benefit from the group’s sector-based expertise and financing capacity, along with well-balanced partnerships in which they have the means to express themselves.


Total Eren’s teams display a perfect grasp of all of the stages of the development a renewable energy project. They can evaluate the quality of a project site, select the most suitable suppliers and advisors, and negotiate optimal conditions for both the project’s financing and the sale of the electricity generated.

Total Eren’s proficiency with regards to the development cycle allows to precisely assess risks associated to each stage of the project, to maximize its success rate and optimize operating conditions.